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After the age of 30, hormones start to decline and our metabolism slows down, resulting in weight gain and a lesser ability to burn fat. Additionally, with the imbalance of hormones, energy levels  drop and burning extra calories seems to be impossible. Vitality offers affordable medical weight arizona phoenix scottsdale mesa tempe chandler weight lossloss with expert Doctors that have spent years studying weight loss, metabolism and hormones. Our experience has taught us that there is not a one-size-fits-all solution and everyone needs a custom approach. Please not that blood-work is not included in any program. We can however refer a lab that would work within your budget or your insurance plan. Call the Phoenix Weight Loss experts today!

Our patients lose about 10-30lbs, individual results may vary, depending on the plan and their effort. Results may vary. Here is a list of our Weight Loss Plans and what is included:

Starter Plan $115

This plan includes a Doctors consultation, a 28 day supply of medication to reduce appetite or a 30 day supply of Weight Loss Drops.

Natural Weight Loss Plan, only $195!

Limited time offer, standard pricing is $275.

This unique plan is all inclusive with a 4 week supply of everything you need and the help of a Doctor. If you want to lose weight naturally, this is the plan for you.

  • (4) Week supply of whey proteinInBody370
  • (4) Week supply of our Natural Fat Burner
  • (4) Fat Burner shots
  • (4) Week supply of Clinical Grade Fish Oil
  • (1) Doctor visit and Diet counseling
  • (1) Body Composition Test

(3) Week Weight Loss Plan $325

Included is (1) Body Comp Test (2) Doctor visits, (2) B12 Shots, Diet Plan and a 3 week supply of Weight Loss Shots.

(6) Week Weight Loss Plan $425

This plan includes (2) Body Comp Tests (3) Doctor visits, (3) B12 Shots, Diet Plan and a 6 week supply of Weight Loss Shots.

Maintenance Plan, only $95

This plan is reserved for existing patients who have completed any weight loss plan in the last 30 days

  • (1) Doctor visit for diet and weight loss counseling
  • (4) Fat Burner Shots

Weight Loss & Hormone Plan $580

arizona weight loss doctorUnique and comprehensive, we created this plan years ago for those that want the underlying  cause addressed and to lose weight at the same time. Individual results may vary.

This plan includes (2) Body Comp Tests (6) Doctor visits in 6 weeks, Custom Hormone Balancing, (3) B12 Shots, Diet Plan, Weekly Weigh-ins, (6) week supply of Weight Loss Shots.

Call us today to schedule and get started losing weight and feeling healthy again!

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* Individual results may vary.