Treat the actual cause of –

Depression, Anxiety, ADD or Insomnia!

NeuroTesting is simply testing the levels of critical brain chemicals called Neurotransmitters.  Some of the most common Neurotransmitters are Dopamine, Serotonin, GABA, Nor-epinephrine, and L-Tyrosine.    Neurotransmitters transmit signals from one nerve to another within the brain. When there is a shortage or excess of any of the 100+ Neurotransmitters, there can be a negative change in mood, behavior, perception, self-esteem and more. Unfortunately some of us are born with an imbalance that may cause us occassional difficulty or even every day. Some do not notice an imbalance until adolescence or adulthood. The challenge is that identifying which neurotransmitters are the actual cause can be difficult without proper testing.

A typical person with insomnia or depression is likely to rely on taking their medication every day. Although some say that medication only has a marginal benefit at most, many agree that they still suffer from their illness while taking their medications. The sad part is that you can visit a doctor for a few short minutes and leave with a prescription for depression, anxiety, insomnia, ADD…etc, without even having tested the actual cause of the problem. Besides just treating the symptoms, this “band-aid” method is not only outdated, but can aggravate the very problem you are hoping to cure.

Some of the most common side effects of a Neurotransmitter imbalance is Anxiety, Depression, ADD, ADHD, Insomnia, mood swings, low emotional stability, poor focus, low stress threshold and more. Vitality has created a successful plan to help address those who are suffering from a Neuro-imbalance. The plan includes an initial consultation to review health concerns and determine which neurotransmitters to test for, all labs to test those neurotransmitters that are most likely to be imbalanced, a final visit to go over lab results and to create a suitable plan for you, and the first 2 recommended medical products. Since we are unsure what neurotransmitters your brain is needing help with, our providers will not know what products your are in need of till your test results come in.

Not available to come in to our clinics?

No worries, we can treat patients via Skype or over the phone in all 50 states.

NeuroTesting Plan $395

  • Includes Initial Consultation and a Follow Up visit

  • Includes all Neurotesting Labs

  • Includes First (2) Pharmaceutical products

  • Free Shipping to your home

Without speaking to a professional and testing the root cause, there is no better way to treat Neurotransmitter illnesses. Vitality offers experienced medical practitioners in addition to accurate lab testing to help determine the underlying10884433_m causes. Rest assured that Vitality has a successful track record of taking care of our patients that suffer from a variety of health issues, not commonly treated in the medical field. Whether you are a concerned parent of a child with ADD, an adult with insomnia or a mother with depression, Vitality can provide the proper testing to help get things back in order. Additionally, Neurotransmitter testing is ideal even if you are currently on a medication but wish you could safely discontinue. Neurotransmitter testing can also be combined with hormone testing for a more comprehensive wellness approach.

If you are suffering and would like to find out more about our Neurotesting plan, call us today. Neurotransmitter testing now available in the greater Phoenix area including Mesa, Peoria & Scottsdale. Out of state inquiries, call 480.854.8000.