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New Amino Shots that can help you…

  • Increase Lean Muscle Mass
  • Burn Fat
  • Increase Growth Hormone
  • Increase Vascularity
  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue
  • Increase overall Health & Wellness

Are you a hard-gainer, spending lots of money on supplements and spending too much time in the gym? Do you have very little or no results to show for your efforts? Obtaining lean muscle mass can be a lifelong struggle for many. Depending on your genetics, your muscle mass is pre-determined. An Ectomorph healthy_man_woman_beachhas less muscle mass (fewer muscle fibers) with a slender physique and they usually struggle to see any results from food and nutrition. An Endomorph can expect to struggle with weight gain, but can add muscle mass and strength. A mesomorph can gain muscle and burn fat quickly, and typically has a naturally muscular build. So, unless you are a Mesomorph, you need help burning fat and gaining muscle…the right way. However, its hard to find something that actually helps athletes increase lean muscle mass, safely. Most options are either dangerous, illegal, worthless or too expensive. In order to obtain your goals or to resist challenging genetics, you will need a science backed approach that makes sense. Vitality now offers a reasonable solution, at a reasonable price.

We offer the only plan that is specifically designed to help you gain lean muscle mass and burn fat at the same time. It is a medically supervised approach to ensure it is safe and effective for you. Our medical staff has the experience and knowledge to help you to reach your goals. Results may vary.

 Medically Supervised Muscle Building Plans:

Plan 1, only $175 mowoman_exercising

  • In-person or Phone Consultation with a Doctor or NP
  • 12 Injections (3x weekly)
  • 30 Day supply of Muscle Building Product
  • (2) InBody Composition Tests (In-Person visit only)
  • Free Shipping to your home or office


* Plan 2, only $100 mo

  • 10 Amino Injections 
  • (1) InBody Composition Test (In-Person visit only)
  • A one-time consultation fee of $35 is required. 


*  A phone consultation with a Doctor/NP is required for out of state patients for a fee of $35.

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Muscle Growth Explained

The word “anabolic” is associated with illegal substances and has a stigma that can be deemed bad. However, anabolic means to build, which is a normal process in the body in which our cells construct or build. When we have a good diet and the right exercise plan, we usual have an anabolic effect on our muscles which lead to increased strength and size. However, when exercise is not accompanied by the right diet, we can have a”catabolic” effect, or the breaking down of our muscles. This is common with some athletes that lose muscle mass and weight.

Our muscles contain a high amount of protein, which are made up of amino acids. They are the most common building block in human body and found everywhere. These amino acids are responsible for the growth and repair of our tissues and cells, including muscles. They control the pace that our cells recover from stress and injury. Out of the 20 most common amino acids arizona testosterone therapyfound in the body, we can only produce 8-10 of them. This means that we need to supplement our diet with the right amino acids, and the right amount. When we exercise intensely, we cause a small injury within our muscles. In order for muscles to become bigger and stronger, they must be repaired by amino acids. Thus, the more we exercise, the more amino acids we use, and the more we need. When we are not supplying our muscles with a sufficient amount of amino acids, our body has no choice but to take them from other tissues. This causes a catabolic process to take place, the opposite of what we want to occur if increasing muscle is our goal. We must have a sufficient supply of amino acids when our muscles need them the most.


Nitrogen is perhaps the most overlooked detail in regards to muscle growth. Since Nitrogen molecules are found abundantly in amino acids, it plays a major role in muscle development. In order to be in an “anabolic” (building) state of muscle growth, we must have a positive Nitrogen balance. This means that we are bringing in more Nitrogen than we are using…even during exercise. Once there is a positive Nitrogen balance, muscle growth occurs. Nitrogen can be found in natural protein based foods such as eggs, fish and meat. However, not all of us absorb nutrition perfectly so it is directed towards our muscles when we exercise. The digestive tract can significantly reduce the bio-availability of Nitrogen from the food we eat, making it harder for us to have sufficient quantities left for our muscles. This explains why some of us exercise, eat right and still don’t see very good results. So, if you are unable to consume extremely large amounts of chicken and tuna everyday, or simply do not respond to a high-Nitrogen diet, you need some medical expertise. Vitality has a solution that can  boost your nitrogen levels and help you get results.


Glutamine is a mandatory amino acid for those that want to build muscle. It is very abundant in our skeletal muscles and make up about 60% of the amino acids found in our body! When we exercise, Glutamine levels in our muscles drop quickly. This explains fatigue and loss of strength the more we workout. Glutamine increases protein metabolism so that you have more use of available amino acids, is a big contender in fighting catabolic activity within the muscle fibers. What is considered the biggest benefit of Glutamine, is its ability to stimulate the pituitary bodybuildergland to produce a higher amount of Growth Hormone, which in turn has its own anabolic effect on muscle development. However, Glutamine oral supplements can have little effectiveness since our bodies break it down aggressively in the digestive tract. This reduces its bio-availability for our muscles which rely on it abundantly. When we take a high potency of Glutamine in injectible form, it goes directly into a vascular area of the body, ready to be distributed where its needed. Glutamine is a mandatory amino acid to help build and recover muscle.


Arginine is a well studied amino acid but is essential, which means that we do not produce it by ourselves, but must rely on diet and supplementation. It is an important ingredient as it helps to produce additional proteins and supports cellular repair. For those that are in the gym regularly, tissue repair needs to be occurring frequently or we will not progress. Our body will resist muscle growth if there is a lack of cellular reconstruction occurring within our muscle fibers. Research has also shown that Arginine is a releaser for Growth Hormone, which by itself can increase the growth of lean muscle mass and fat burning, like Glutamine.  Perhaps the most commonly known benefit of Arginine supplementation  is its ability to convert into Nitric Oxide. This allows the dilation of blood vessils, creating a larger blood flow to the muscles that brings oxygen, nutrients and of course a larger supply of amino acids. This increases the availability of Nitrogen and enhances vascularity. When Argininie is taken as an injection, it bipasses the entire digestive tract, preventing it from being broken down.  Arginine is another must-have for muscle growth and repair.


Carnitine is possibly the most popular amino acid for athletes. It plays a key role in helping them to stay cut, but maintain or develop muscle mass. Carnitine is an important transporter of fat, and moves it into the mitochondria of a cell, generating ATP…muscle fuel. This part of cellular respiration allows for an increase in energy during exercise while burning fat at the same time. Carnitine also balances glucose and insulin levels reducing fat accumulation. A comprehensive study by Nottingham Medical School concluded that athletes who took sufficient quantites of Carnitine not only did not gain fat from excess carbohydrate intake, but had much higher creatine phosphate levels. Creatine is an important energy source within the muscle and is proven to enhance muscle contraction and endurance. Carnitine is a highly critical amino acid to supplement if you want to burn fat and gain muscle.

If you are serious about gaining muscle and burning fat, our safe Muscle Builder plan is for you.  It is designed to boost your Growth Hormone levels, give a positive Nitrogen balance and help you gain lean muscle and burn fat. Whether you are at the gym everyday, do cross-fit weekly or just an active adult, this plan will help you keep your edge and your physique in check.  Results may vary. Call Vitality today at 480-854-8000 for more information.