Our Services

Vitality Medical Services

Vitality Medical offers Family Medical Care, Specialty & Anti-Aging Services for those that have enrolled on any plan. Our Health Care Providers are ready to help you!

Need help fast? These are a few of Family Medical services. Each require a co-pay of only $15 per visit.

Urinary tract infection Cold sores
Ear infections Rashes
Headaches Athletes foot
Sunburn Strep throat
Mouth sores Coughing
Fever Bronchitis
Skin irritations Sinus infections
Ring worm Flu
Pink eye Lacerations (need for stitches)
Sprains Bladder Infections
In-grown Toenail Wart Removal
Sports/Church Physicals Acne
Poison Ivy Trouble Sleeping
Seasonal Allergies


Need more options? Here are a few examples of our “Specialist” services that require a co-pay of $35 per visit. An appointment is necessary for these services.

Pediatric Care Low Testosterone
Womens Exams & Hormones Low Energy
Male hormone issues Food Allergies (does not include testing)
Blood work review Wellness & Naturopathic Care


Saving the best for last! These popular “Anti-Aging” services are designed to help you look and feel better. An appointment is required for these services.

Prolotherapy (treatment for joint pain) $95 co-pay
Sclerotherapy (treatment for leg veins) $95 co-pay
VelaShape II Body Contouring &
$75 co-pay
FotoFacial Skin Rejuvenation $160 co-pay
Refirme Skin Tightening $160 co-pay
 Testosterone Injections $15 fee
Fat Burner $15 fee