Small Group Plan

Small Group Plan

Only $89.95 per month

(As low as $8.99 per person!)

Medical care for a small group or business just got affordable and convenient. This plan is perfect if you want to offer great medical & wellness benefits to your employees while increasing their loyalty towards your company.

Included in this plan:42251722_m

  • Medical & Wellness Care for up to 10 people
  • Up to 4 visits per month with a $15 co-pay
  • (4) B12 or B-Complex injections per month
  • 15% off Medical Grade Supplements
  • Low-Cost Anti-Aging & Wellness Care, and Laser Services

Vitality Medical spent countless hours studying the needs of a typical small business.  This plan was literally created by way of numerous suggestions by those that own and manage a small business. While interviewing small business owners, it became obvious what the challenges and needs that most of them face. This concluded that they need medical care for 2 reasons. The first is the need for a retainment tool for their employees. The owners wanted an effective way to keep their good employees happy. The second is the need for medical care for employees that may come to work sick, get minor job related injuries, or may have health needs that have been ignored. The owners expressed the need to offer or provide some type of medical care, but none of them wanted to pay huge health insurance premiums. In fact, many of them were resistant to a group plan because the cost was too high. Most business owners have agreed that healthy employees are by far the most productive.

Vitality Medical has concluded that our Small Business Plan can fit the needs of most small businesses. For less than $90 per month, you can offer a valuable benefit to your employees by providing basic health needs to keep them healthy and in good shape. Our plan is not an insurance policy and does not require huge payouts to fulfill an unreasonable deductible.

Enroll your business today and start offering your employees medical benefits that will keep them loyal and healthy.