Family Plan

Family Plan

Only $49.95 per month

(As low as $9.99 per person!)

This  is our most popular plan as it can provide great medical and wellness care for a family of 5, for under $50 per month. No other plan can provide this type of care for such a small price.

This plan includes:

  • Medical care for up to 5 people6865110_s
  • Up to 2 visits per month with a $15 co-pay
  • (2) B12 or B-complex injections per month
  • 15% off Medical Grade Supplements
  • Low-Cost Anti-Aging & Wellness Care, and Laser Services

Unfortunately, there are not many affordable options for a family to get the basic health care they need. The cost seems to be over the top or requires a ridiculous deductible and no basic medical care benefits. Occasionally there is a good plan offered for a good price but it is very hard to find for most families. Families need better options for basic medical care without the enormous costs that go along with it. Families need one place that can address the most common needs, without much hassle. They need convenience. Common needs are prescriptions for a cough, strep throat remedies and even a physical for sports or Boy Scouts. These services are not offered by most plans and rarely offered at the same place for a low cost.

Our plan is perfect for the family that has occasional medical needs and a few perks for mom and dad that want additional benefits. Vitality Medical has created this plan to address the most common medical needs for families. Our menu of services is nothing like any other medical clinic in Arizona. The best part is that our plan does not require another insurance policy.

Enroll today and start your family on a new medical plan for less than $50 per month. Enjoy our preventative and aesthetic services on top of first class medical care.