Vitality Medical Health Care Plan FAQ

The cost is really low, whats the catch?

We have created our pricing so everyone can afford walk-in medical care. We were able to create our unique program based off of the simple savings of eliminating the insurance industry. By cutting out the nearly trillion dollar middle-man, we are able to offer a provider-direct plan that tens of thousands are in need of.

Where is your clinic located?

We are located at 4434 E. Brown Rd, #102, Mesa Az 85205. The North East corner of Greenfield and Brown, right next to Walgreens.

Are there any other costs besides the monthly membership fee?

Yes, co-pays are $15 for a Family Medical visit, $35 for a Specialty visit. If you exceed your monthly Medical visits, the co-pay is only $30.

What are your hours?

We are open Monday thru Friday 9-5.

I read over your list of services. Are you combining the services of an urgent care and a family doctor ?

Actually yes, we do most of the same services as they do and much more. Some of our services are intended to also prevent sickness as well.

What if I have a high deductible insurance plan with no benefits and want to enroll. Are these plans only for those that do not have health insurance?

Actually, more than half of our participants have health insurance or an HSA. They either don’t like their insurance plan or they have restricted coverage. Our plans are open to everyone.

Who will I being seeing for health care?

We have a Doctor and Nurse Practitioner.

Is this a health insurance policy?

No, this is a unique provider-direct plan with Vitality Medical. We do not participate nor are we affiliated with any health insurance program in Arizona.

Can I enroll in a plan that covers my family and employee’s?

Yes, there is no restriction if you decide to mix your participants with business and  family.

Can I mix and match my B12 or B-Complex injection?

Yes, you can choose any injection that you would like.

I have really good insurance so I dont need the medical services. Can I enroll to take advantage of the Wellness or Anti-Aging services alone?

Yes, what services you enroll for is your choice

Can the B12 or B-Complex shots be received by anyone that is enrolled in my plan?

Yes, as long as they are on your plan

What if I want to pay for my employees co-pays?

No problem, we can arrange to have your card on file to be charged when they come in.

How do I pay each month?

We auto charge your card that you provide at enrollment

Where can I get the lowest price on prescriptions?

Our providers strive to prescribe the $4 and $8 prescriptions at Walmart

In regards to a business plan, do the participants have to be employed with my company or can they be employee’s family members?

We do not restrict who is on the plan, as long as they are a viable participant.

What is the cost if I exceed our allotted amount of visits in a month?

If you exceed your monthly visits, the cost is only $30 for a Medical visit and $55 for a Specialty visit.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, but more than 90% of the time we accommodate Family Medical visits the same day.  Specialty and Anti-Aging visits require an appointment.

Can I offer this to my employees as a perk or benefit?

Yes, in fact we can arrange for you to pay for the enrollment and or each co-pay.

Do I have a deductible?

No, since this is NOT an insurance plan, deductibles are not necessary.

Can I purchase more B12 or B-Complex injection?

Yes, the cost is $10 for each B12 and $12 for each B-complex injection.

Can I change plans within the year?

Yes,  but there may be a delay since the plans start at the beginning of each month.

Are Sports Physicals included in the regular services with a $15 co-pay?

Yes, we know that Physicals are a common need for families and businesses so we have included them as a Medical visit.

Do I have a co-pay to receive the B12 or B-complex shots?

No, co-pays are not required for injections

What age does a child need to be in order to be a part of the plan?

Participants must be at least 2 years old

Is this just a “Discount” plan?

No, our plans are “provider direct” so you are enrolling directly with Vitality Medical.

Is there a restriction on which plan participants come in for medical care each month?

No, just as long as you include them as a participant on your plan at enrollment

If blood-work is recommended, do you know of a low-cost, cash-play lab?

Yes, we are familiar with a few low-cost laboratories that specialize in cash pay service.

Does my family/business medical plan have to include only those that live in my house?

No, it is your choice who is on your plan