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Vitality offers the best shot options to provide you with great health benefits at a low price. Whether you are on our plan or not, our shots are affordable. Our B12, B-Complex and Fat Burner injections are custom formulated in an FDA certified facility to ensure safety, purity and effectiveness. These injections are always administered by trained medical professionals. Rest assured you are receiving the best injections by the experts who give hundreds per week to our happy patients!

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Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 deficiency is very common as most of us do not absorb it very well from foods that may contain this vitamin. The benefits of B12 injections are many. First, Vitamin B12 helps to produce Red Blood Cells, which are responsible for carrying oxygen to our organs and tissues throughout our body. When we are low in B12, we are low in oxygen. This can lead to Vitamin B12 Anemia, Chronic Fatigue or just very low energy levels. The benefit of B12 injections is an increase in energy and stamina in a short amount of time. Compared to oral supplementation, injections go straight into the body and do not rely on the intestinal tract to absorb it. Most of our patients feel good the same day and enjoy increased energy for a week or more. B12 can also increase our metabolism which in turn supports weight loss. It can also increase in the absorption of nutrients and improve sleep by supporting the production of melatonin. The benefits of B12 injections are well worth stopping in a few times a month. Our B12 formula is not only custom formulated but also made in a high dose to help you feel better and energized for a longer period of time. Results may vary.

Vitamin B-Complex  Injections

We have loaded our B-Complex injections with high amounts of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. Since these are important vitamins, it is common to recieve many benefits from our B-Complex injections. This formula will help in the metabolism of sugars and starches, improves digestion, increases serotonin levels in the brain, strengthens the immune system, supports the nervous system and increases energy and stamina. We often hear great feedback from those that normally get sick often to have a boost in immunity against the flu, cold and other sicknesses. Other benefitsVitality-mens-fitness include an increase in mood stability as Serotonin levels improve and increase. We recommend weekly B-Complex injections if possible for those that want consistent benefits. Results may vary.

Fat Burner or LipoTropic/MIC Injections

These injections are also called LipoTropic Shots. In regards to weight loss shots, these are by far the most popular. These injections are formulated with 3 individual fat burners that work well together to help the waist line reduce in size. The first ingredient is Methionine. This is an amino acid that is effective in helping to break down fat and prevent the build up of fat stores. Methionine is an ideal supplementation for those that do not consume sufficient amounts of protein or may consume alcohol. The second ingredient is Inositol. This is a simple carbohydrate and has many important benefits including supporting the transporting of fat. This is important as a deficiency in Inositol can help cause the accumulation of fat. Inositol also helps to reduce the amount of fat stored in the liver. The third ingredient is
Choline which is often included in the Vitamin B family which aids in the movement of fats and considered to be an effective fat burner by experts. This is essential since Choline is safe and effective in supporting weight loss from the inside out. In using these 3 effective ingredients to help you burn fat and lose weight, we recommend a single shot one time per week. Results may vary.

These injections are available in the Mesa, Scottsdale, Peoria, Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Tempe, Glendale, Avondale areas. Call Vitality today for special pricing on B12, B-Complex and Fat Burner injections. Better yet, walk in during our business hours. No appointment necessary!

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