An Introduction

Vitality Medical – An introduction

Lets face it, health insurance companies are part of a Multi-Billion dollar industry. Many of them turn millions of dollars of profit each week, while their policy holders struggle to pay the monthly premiums. These premiums are many hundreds or even exceed a thousand dollars a month for a family and come with extremely high deductibles and low benefits. Most affordable plan are only applicable for extreme health emergencies and nearly irrelevant for anything else. Out of pocket costs to the urgent care, specialist or even the emergency room almost always cause sticker shock…even with superior health coverage. What happened to the plans that covered the smaller expenses?

This is where Vitality Medical can help. We cut out the middle-man by creating a unique “provider-direct” approach that has been dubbed the most affordable health care plan in Arizona.  Without a Billion dollar industry between the Doctor and the Patient, our plan gives consumers a low cost option with little red tape and no approval system to go through. There is no “big brother” watching over your health care to offer unsolicited opinions about what is best for you or your families health.  This explains why we are often asked “what’s the catch”? We simply explain that Vitality Medical is a low-overhead organization that cares about those that want medical care, but can’t afford it. We are the first to answer the demand for low-cost and convenient health care. Additionally, all of our providers are well qualified health care professionals ready to help with your needs.

With our Single/Couples Plan at only $24.95 per month, we offer those with high deductibles or no insurance,  piece of mind and a superior preventative option. Our Family plan is only $49.95 per month and offers an ideal solution for common health needs for families. We help them to save money on physicals and correcting common sicknesses compared to an urgent care or emergency room that can take many hours and be very expensive. Ironically, many health needs for a typical family are simple. Waiting days to see their doctor is unnecessary, as a short consultation and prescription is often the solution.

Our goal is to make preventative and health care affordable and quick. No appointment is needed, just walk in and we will do our very best to get you taken care of, and out the door quickly. We also want everyone who cannot afford to see a Doctor, or who has a high deductible to be at ease with our plan. Not only will they be saving on health care, they will be able to receive the care they need to prevent illnesses.

Many businesses are in need of providing some form of health care for their employees. Not only out of need for employees that may get a little bruised or beaten on the job, but for great benefits as well.  Studies have shown that a health or benefits package is one of the best ways to retain loyal and hard working employees. Employers can spend a fortune on health insurance premiums to find the coverage nearly irrelevant to them or their employees. Especially if their employees cannot afford to use their insurance. Our plan supports the demand for businesses needing healthy employees. Our preventative approach can be what a business needs to avoid the flu going around his workforce or support greater employee efficiency. Our health care options can support a company who needs an affordable way to say  “thank you” to good employees that cant otherwise take care of their health.