Large Group Plan

Large Group Plan

Only $199.95 per month

(As low as $7.99 per person!)

For larger groups or businesses, this plan will help you take better care of your employees and offer preventative care at the same time.

This plan includes:

  • Medical care for up to 25 people
  • Up to 10 visits per month with a $15 copay
  • (8) B12 or B-complex injections per month
  • 15% off Medical Grade Supplements
  • Low-Cost Anti-Aging & Wellness Care, and Laser Services
Like small businesses, we did our homework to better understand what a business with 10-30 employees would need in regards to medical care. The needs are very similar. Business owners for higher amounts of employees are still resistant to expensive group plans. They also expressed that the need for an affordable employee benefit was in high demand. Many of them said they wanted to avoid losing their most valuable employees to the competition because they offer medical benefits. If the expense of thousands of dollars per month is not in the cards, most companies have little or no options to offer their employees. It is true that employees are more loyal when they are the beneficiary to medical benefits offered by their employer. Additionally, owners stated that they wanted basic medical care for their employees  to keep them healthy and happy.
This is where our plan comes in. For less than $200 per month, you can offer your employees and their families basic medical care for the most common needs. Whether they have the flu or need a few stitches from an injury incurred at work, our plan fits the need. Give them the piece of mind knowing you care about their health and that care about their loyalty. Enroll in our Large Business Plan and offer great medical care and highly favored benefits for your employees at one low price.