Arizona Body Fat Testing

Most everyone is curious about how much fat and muscle they are made up of. Hydrostatic and Dexa testing can Inbody_male_picoffer an accurate picture but is inconvenient and can be costly. Vitality now has the latest technology of body testing that is accurate within 2% of any gold standard test … and takes less than 1 minute. It also does not require a swim suit and provides a lot of information of what is on your insides.

The InBody Body Composition Analyzer uses state of the art Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis to test your internals. By sending a gentle current up through your feet and exiting your hands, the InBody takes measurements in 5 segments. This includes all 4 limbs and your torso. This patented technology is the most advanced body composition testing device on the market. It is now the preferred device for hospitals since its testing is fast and simple.  The testing includes BMI, Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Body Fat Mass, Percent Body Fat, Dry Lean Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate and more.

Inbody_test-resultWhether you are just starting a new weight loss plan or an athlete looking to cut fat and gain lean mass, this body test is a must. It provides an accurate baseline of where you are, and records your progress each time you come in. Join any of our HCG weight loss programs and a Free test is included. Body fat & composition testing is offered at our Mesa Arizona office, serving the Phoenix metro area. In most cases, we are able to test same day and will provide you with printed results in minutes. The cost is only $40 and retests are only $20. Its time to get your body composition tested!

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