Medical & Wellness Plans

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  • Fat Burner Injections 50% off!
  • Refirme Skin Tightening 40% off!
  • Family Medical Visit only $15 co-pay!
  • VelShape II Body Contouring 50% off!
  • Testosterone Injections only $15!

These are a few examples of the low pricing that you will receive when you enroll in any plan. Get the best services of  Health and Wellness, Medspa, Weight Loss, Family Medical, Laser Services, Hormone Balancing, Anti-Aging and more, all under one roof. Save money while receiving first class service from our Doctors and medical experts.

Each plan also includes the benefits of having a Family Medical Care provider at a significant discount. Medical and Wellness care for less than the cost of a gym membership or cell phone bill? Yes! We have cut out the middle-man to offer you provider-direct care, for a very low price. There is no intermediary company making money from your relationship with your doctor. Our plans are intended to offer great medical care and wellness that is affordable for just about anyone. We cater to individuals, couples, families and businesses. Each plan is intended to help you to quickly address important health needs, prevent sickness, and slow down the aging process. Our health care providers include experienced Doctors, Nurse Practitioners and Medical Assistants. Vitality Medical is proud to offer Arizona’s lowest priced medical care… at an average of only $10 mo per person. Now investing in your health is affordable!

We are not just another family medical practice or urgent care in Mesa…we are a lot more. Our Wellness, Specialty and Anti-Aging services have been keeping us busy for years. In fact, our existing patients have asked us when we would be adding additional services such as family medical. Vitality Medical is the first to combine medical and wellness at a significant discount!

Enrollment in any plan is easy and takes about 5 minutes. As a part of the enrollment process, you will be able to choose your plan, and those whom you want to be included in your plan;… spouse, child, employees…etc. Each plan will include a certain number of B12 or B-Complex shots that do not require a co-pay.  Co-pays are only $15 for a “Medical” visit, or $35 for a “Specialty” visit. We also offer a selection of popular wellness and aesthetic services including hormone and laser treatments, that you can take advantage of without spending a fortune. Find the plan that works best for you, and simply enroll online. Your medical and wellness plan begins immediately!

  • All plans require a one year enrollment.
  • Emergency services, bloodwork and xrays are not included in our plans.
  • If you exceed your monthly “Medical” visits, the cost is only a $30 co-pay for visits thereafter.

So you don’t need Medical Benefits? No problem. Check out our Wellness Plans for only $9.95 mo! Click here