Single/Couples Plan

Single or Couples Plan

Only $24.95 per month

(As low as $12.48 per person!)

This plan is ideal for an individual that wants basic medical care or a couple that wants the piece of mind knowing they can see a health care provider when they need. This is the lowest priced medical care plan in Arizona!

This plan includes:

  • Medical & Wellness Care for up to 2 people
  • One visit per month with a $15 co-pay
  • (1) B12 or  B-Complex injection per month
  • 15% off Medical Grade Supplements
  •  Low-Cost Anti-Aging & Wellness Care, and Laser Services
In Maricopa County, there are tens of thousands of individuals and couples that do not have health care. Many of them do not need anything elaborate…just someone to see when they have a health concern. Due to the climbing costs of health insurance, most cannot afford any plan. Although there is a popular $10,000 deductible plan, the cost of $200-300 per month is still out of reach. Even if it was within reach, it does not have the basic medical care available which is the most needed. Both individuals and couples need a medical resource so sickness does not cause them to miss work or have a negative effect on their family. With much chaos and confusion about health care nowadays, we are happy to offer a plan that is less than $25 per month. Vitality Medical knows that when you get sick, or you’re not just feeling right that price and convenience are important factors. We offer both, and can provide a solution for the most common health care needs…without needing an insurance policy.
Our plan not only offers basic medical care for the college student or a young couple, but other options for preventative care, Specialty needs, and even Anti-Aging services.
Enroll today in our Individual/Couples Plan and enjoy the convenient services that Vitality Medical has to offer.